Canine Enrichment Program

Four Paws Day School is an exciting enrichment program that caters to dogs who need more engagement, training and mental stimulation. This enrichment program is designed to work both brain and body.

Exhaustion from all-day play does not create a balanced dog and we measure success by providing both mental and physical stimulation throughout the day to ensure they go home tired and HAPPY!

A variety of dogs benefit from this program, including adult dogs who prefer human only interaction, puppies who need to learn socialization skills, highly intelligent dogs who become easily bored, and adult dogs who prefer smaller groups.

Cost: $42 per day

Package: $390 for 10 days

(90 day expiration date)

We are dedicated to creating the best care plan for your one of a kind dog. We will collaborate with you to ensure the skills they learn with us can also be practiced at home. You can expect each visit to be customized as we will adapt the activities and games to your dog’s changing needs.

Our enrichment program instills positive behaviors, confidence, and good manners through a variation of activities including: small groups of dog play (with matching energy levels), treadmill work, games, puzzles, snuffle mats, outdoor activities, an array of enriching and mentally stimulating training activities and periods of rest throughout the day.

Our activities menu will change often so as to ensure your dog never gets bored and is always having a great time.

This exclusive program has limited space and due to the personalized care for each dog we require reservations.


Number of Dogs