Our professional groomers make sure that your fur-baby is taken care of and loves bath time! Our grooming environment is set up to provide your dog with a clean, relaxed and fun experience at the salon and spa. Whether your dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, we offer a full-line of grooming procedures from a basic to a deluxe full groom.  You can also create your own salon/spa experience for your pup with our A La Carte menu options.  First time clients please fill out the Grooming Registration Form and call or email us for an appointment!

Deluxe Full Groom Service

Our deluxe full groom service will have your pet’s tail waggin’ for more! They’ll get pampered with: shampoo & condition, nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, eye, pad and sanitary clip and a full cut/style.

Deluxe Full Groom Pricing

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $48
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $60
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $70
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $75

Standard Groom Service

Our basic groom service is just what you need to have your pup feeling and smelling fresh! They’ll be treated to: shampoo & condition, nails trimmed or filed, ears cleaned, light face trim, paw trim and sanitary.

Standard Groom Service Pricing

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $40
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $50
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $60
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $70

Basic Groom Service

Bath, Brush, Blow Dry, Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Short Hair

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $20
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $28
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $35
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $42

Long Hair

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $25
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $32
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $40
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $48

A La Carte Menu

Want a little extra TLC for your fur-baby? We have the solution for you! Select any add on items from our A La Crate menu for special extras to make sure your pup has the best salon/grooming experience!

Deshedding Shampoo = $8 – $15 depending on size and breed

Oatmeal Shampoo = $8-$15 depending on size and breed

Dematting =  Additional $15 – $25 depending on size and breed.  We will work on the dematting for no longer than 20 minutes as this can cause skin irritation.  A shave may be required and we will inform owners prior to performing (additional fees applied)

Hand Scissoring:  Deluxe Groom charge will be applied.  An additional $15 for every 15 minutes over 1.5 hours of hand trimming will be applied

Nail Trim = $10

Nail File = $15

Anal Glands = $10

Ear Cleaning = $5

Face trim = $15

Paw Pad Trimming = $5

Whole Paw Trim = $10

Face, paws and sanitary = $15 – $25 additional (only if getting a bath)

Teeth Brushing – $10

Boarder Brush Out:  For dog’s with coats that mat easily, we offer an evening brush-out before bedtime to help stay on top of them forming.  This service is most beneficial for dog’s who are brushed at home weekly and those requiring daily brushing especially.

15 minute brush out = $12

30 minutes brush out = $20

Please note that some dogs require special handling and may be charged extra depending on the time and effort required.