Our professional groomers make sure that your fur-baby is taken care of and loves bath time! Our grooming environment is set up to provide your dog with a clean, relaxed and fun experience at the salon and spa. Whether your dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, we offer a full-line of grooming procedures from a basic to a deluxe full groom.  You can also create your own salon/spa experience for your pup with our A La Carte menu options.

Deluxe Full Groom Service

Our deluxe full groom service will have your pet’s tail waggin’ for more! They’ll get pampered with: shampoo & condition, nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, eye, pad and sanitary clip, paw massage, teeth brushing and a full cut.

Deluxe Full Groom Pricing

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $40
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $55
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $65
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $75

Standard Groom Service

Our standard groom service is just what you need to have your pup feeling and smelling fresh! They’ll be treated to: shampoo & condition, nails trimmed or filed, paw massage, ears cleaned and a light trimming.

Basic Groom Service Pricing

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $35
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $40
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $55
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $65

Bath, Brush and Blow Dry Pricing

Short Hair

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $20
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $25
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $30
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $40

Bath, Brush and Blow Dry Pricing

Long Hair

Small: under 25 lbs starts at $25
Medium: 26 – 40 lbs starts at $30
Large: 41 – 80 lbs starts at $35
Extra Large: 81+ lbs starts at $45

A La Carte Menu

Want a little extra TLC for your fur-baby? We have the solution for you! Select any add on items from our A La Crate menu for special extras to make sure your pup has the best salon/grooming experience!

Deshedding Shampoo = $8 – $15 depending on size and breed

Scented Shampoo = $8-$15 depending on size and breed

Oatmeal Shampoo = $8-$15 depending on size and breed

Dematting =  Additional $15 – $25 depending on size and breed.  We will work on the dematting for no longer than 20 minutes as this can cause skin irritation.  A shave may be required and we will inform owners prior to performing (additional fees applied)

Nail Trim = $10

Nail File = $15

Anal Glands = $10

Ear Cleaning = $10

Face trim = $15

Paw Pad Trimming = $5

Whole Paw Trim = $10

Face, paws and sanitary = $15 – $25 additional (only if getting a bath)

Teeth Brushing – $10

Please note that some dogs require special handling and may be charged extra depending on the time and effort required.